The ‘fertile ground’ for impact investment in Bangladesh gave Build Bangladesh, the confidence to host the inaugural international summit on impact investment in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 10 November 2016. The Honorable Finance Minister of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh inaugurated the Summit. It also attracted national and international experts from the USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia and India. The expectation of the Summit was to gather local and global leaders to share knowledge and experience from their impact investment ‘journey’ to guide ours.

The Summit outcomes revealed the need to continue the dialogues between relevant stakeholders to keep up the momentum by using our collective strengths to ensure an effective ecosystem to flourish Impact investment in Bangladesh. We also received expression of interest from relevant global players and international development partners to support us in expanding the impact investment footprint in Bangladesh. This willingness to share achievements and explore further opportunities together, triggered Build Bangladesh to host Bringing Impact Investors Togethershaping the future of Impact Investment in Bangladesh, with all relevant stakeholders on 21 March 2017.

It is expected that, Bringing Impact Investors Together, the first ever international consultation session on Impact Investment in Bangladesh, will provide information, intelligence and decision making tools for prospective investors to work both at a macro and micro level. It has attracted attention from local and global representatives from:

• Bangladesh Government;
• Development partners;
• Multilateral organisations;
• Financial institutions;
• Corporate sectors;
• Prospective impact investors;
• Not-for-Profit organisations;
• Tertiary academic institutions; and
• Social enterprises.

Bringing Impact Investors Together will explore opportunities for Impact Investment in Bangladesh while complementing the SDGs. The outcomes will reinforce the blue print for impact investment and facilitate the establishment of a National Advisory Board to guide effective impact investment in Bangladesh. In addition to sharing the philosophy and scope of Build Bangladesh, the Session will also:

• Explore opportunities to attract local and global impact investments in Bangladesh.
• Initiate establishment of a National Advisory Board to guide Impact Investment in Bangladesh.
• Identify sectoral priorities to attract Impact Investing in Bangladesh.
• Support to raise the proposed US$100 million Build Bangladesh Fund.
• Discuss potential to establish Impact Investment Exchange in Bangladesh.
• Compile actions to forward Impact Investment in Bangladesh as the lead middle-income country.